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Nasi Ayam is a dish adapted fromearly Chinese immigrantsoriginally from Hainan province indishes in Southeast Asia, especially in Malaysia, Singaporeand Thailand. Its a combination ofgarlic chicken stock rice, togetherwith roasted or steamed chickenwith soy and chili sauce ; with hottasty chicken soup.

Salted Egg is a famous traditionalChinese dish and very popular inMalaysia. A dish that would satisfyeven the most discerning saltedegg fan. Juicy chicken fried togolden perfection and coated witha velvety cream of golden saltedegg cream and really goes we

Kam Heong is a very delicious andpopular dish served in manyChinese restaurants or eatingshops throughout Malaysia. Apart from preparing Kam Heongdish with crab, it also can becooked with chicken. It’s a veryeasy dish to cook, yet so tasty andfragrant as it uses curry leaves,and goes really well with

A wholesome sweetener which is harvested from coconut sap/neera.Coconut sugar is molded into cylindrical shape that can be set as analternative to refined sugar or artificial sweetener, masked with adeliciously sweet caramel taste.